Beer fans and foodies will always make a trek to an adventurous new destination. When they keep coming back for more, it’s a sure sign that a place is a real winner.

Since opening in 2010, London beer boutique DR.iNK of Fulham has gathered many fans for its 600 different premium bottled beers and homemade, spiced delicacies. That’s not all, DR.iNK of Fulham runs monthly beer and food tasting Supper Clubs…

Christmas Opening Hours December 2018:

Tuesday 18TH : 2pm – 8pm
Wednesday 19th : 2pm – 8pm
Thursday 20th : 12pm – 8pm
Friday 21st : 12pm – 8pm
Saturday 22nd : 11.30am – 8pm
Sunday 23rd : 12pm – 6pm
Monday 24th : 12pm – 7pm

Closed On 25th, 26th, 27th Of December

Friday 28TH : 2pm – 7pm
Saturday 29th : 2pm – 7pm
Sunday 30th : 12pm – 6pm
Monday 31st : 12pm – 7pm

Closed For Our Annual Break. 1st – 10th Of January

REOPEN ON TUESDAY 11TH of January, 2019.


Tuesday - Saturday Fresh Curry Paste available


SUPPER CLUBS Every 3rd Thursday of the month. We can also organise a Supper Club for private group booking on any other suitable dates. See EVENT section for details..


Amazing Selection of: UK Craft beers from great Micro Breweries Delicious French and English Ciders including Perries World beers including Mikkellers,De Molen,Belgium,and many more.Our exclusive selection of Californian Micro Breweries



  • “ Enjoyable, sociable, informative. Interesting combinations. Some beers I might not have liked them but with food they transform....interesting! We look forward to doing this again... ”

  • “ Great food, great selection of beers with lots of learning thrown in. I just hope I remember them in the morning... ”

  • “ This is a part of 'WINNING' movement! A relaxing and interesting night. Food exceptional! Beers interesting and fascinating! Good fun!.... ”

  • " Incredibly high quality food and beer, coupled with lots of vast knowledge made for a unique and enjoyable it... "

  • " I am not a beer drinker (except fruit beers) so this was an eye opening experience in the world I don't usually participate in. Combined with amazing and really unusual Indian food. It was great night and a great way to learn and appreciate beers... "


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