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Drink Of Fulham London 349 Fulham Palace Road,Fulham,London,SW6 6TB
Time Out London's Best Shops 2013
DRiNK Spring Beer Collection


Food and Beer pairing resumes from March, 2015

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Tuesday – Saturday
Fresh Curry Paste available



Enjoyable, sociable, informative. Interesting combinations. Some beers I might not have liked them but with food they transform....interesting! We look forward to doing this again...
Great food, great selection of beers with lots of learning thrown in. I just hope I remember them in the morning...
This is a part of 'WINNING' movement! A relaxing and interesting night. Food exceptional! Beers interesting and fascinating! Good fun!...
Incredibly high quality food and beer, coupled with lots of vast knowledge made for a unique and enjoyable it...
I am not a beer drinker (except fruit beers) so this was an eye opening experience in the world I don't usually participate in. Combined with amazing and really unusual Indian food. It was great night and a great way to learn and appreciate beers...
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Christmas Opening Hours

Sunday,21/12/14   12pm - 6pm
Monday,22/12/14   12pm - 8pm
Tuesday,23/12/14   12pm - 8pm
Wednesday,24/12/14   12pm - 7pm

Christmas and Boxing Days CLOSED

Saturday,27/12/14   12pm - 7pm

Sunday,28/12/14 CLOSED

Monday, 29/12/14   4pm - 8pm
Tuesday, 30/12/14   2pm - 7pm
Wednesday, 31/12/14   2pm - 7pm

Thursday, 01/01/2015 New Years Day CLOSED

Friday, 02/01/15   2pm - 7pm
Saturday, 03/01/15   12pm - 7pm

Sunday, 04/01/15 and Monday 05/01/15 CLOSED

Tuesday, 05/01/15      2pm - 7pm.

This Year DR.iNk will close for our annual break from Wednesday, 07/01/2015 to 22/01/2015 inclusive.

Re-opens on Friday, 23/01/2015 for business as usual.