Saturday Specials

  • SAMOSAS…DR.iNK’s specialty!!! …strongly recommended.
  • ONDHWO…delicious baked pieces made from rice, lentils, ginger/garlic, sweet corn and carrots.
  • DHOKRA…sweet and sour, soft textured steamed pieces made from gram flour and spices…served with yogurt chutney.
  • DAAL WADA…very tasty mix lentils and spices patties.
  • Kachori…Mouth watering and morish pastry filled with fresh peas, onions and roasted ground spices.

Fresh Curry Paste available Tuesday – Saturday

Made to order while you wait

  • Mint and coriander
  • Coconut and fennel
  • Almond and Cinnamon
  • Kalonji and 4 spices
  • Fenugreek and Pomegranate
  • Ginger (Bottles Only)
  • Kashmiri chilli and Mustard
  • Groundnut and Bay leaf

Method: for a single portion (enough for 1-2 people) add one glass of water (6fl oz). Bring to boil. Add your choice of meat, fish or vegetables and cook until done. Yap!!! It is as simple as this….


Specializing in THEPLA…Indian bread made from multigrain flour.

  1. PLAIN Thepla: made with cumin, chilli powder and salt.
  2. FENUGREEK Thepla: made with fresh fenugreek leaves, garlic, ginger, chillies, yogurt and sugar.
  3. STUFFED Thepla: made and stuffed with potatoes and spices.


FARSI PURI made from plain flour, butter and spices.  Excellent with mango pickle (for extra 30p)

  1. Cumin puris.
  2. Fenugreek puris


  1. Homemade BISCUITS made from flour, cardoman and pistachio.
  2. NAN KATAI made from semolina, cardoman, and sugar.
  3. SAKAR PARA: simply delicious fried pieces made from plain flour, sugar and cardoman.

Check out our Friday Specials (delicious Finger bites) that match perfectly with your drinks from 6pm to 9pm

hot drinks:

TEA:  Our homemade spice blend for a perfect cup of MASALA CHAI, Earl Grey Tea, Mint Tea and Everyday brew.

COFFEE: Regular filter, Maple Walnut and French Vanilla.

COLD DRINKS:  Beers, Ciders, Wine by the glass, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Saturday specialVegetable Samosas and Kachori.  Party orders taken.  Please call us for details.


Also Available in bottles are:

Due to a huge popularity of our Fresh Curry Pastes, DR.iNk decided to take them to the next level of growth. Six flavours are available in bottles. Cooking with these sauces is as simple as the one with a fresh, made to order, sauce. You can use these sauces as a marinade, a dip or simply as a curry. please visit our web on for details.

Orders taken:
We take orders for savouries and snacks for your parties, picnics, and also different marinades for your BBQs. Please contact us for details.
Minimum of one week notice is required for your orders. If you wish, we will provide you with new ideas depending on the event and the size of group.

DR.iNK of Fulham
Telephone: 020 7610 6795

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