DR.iNDrink of FulhamK is a true heaven for beer lovers! We have your dream shop here.  You will be lost amongst our incredible selection of World and UK CRAFT Beers. Additionally we have a selection of delicious Ciders and Discovery Grape Wines (also in half bottles) from micro wineries.

DR.iNk provides a perfect platform for both new brewers and also our loyal customers. For brewers, a chance to experiment their passion and pride of brewing new flavours in this ever changing world of craft beers.  For customers, to entertain their palates with amazing styles and quality of bottled ales from across the globe…way beyond the range of beers that you may find in mainstream supermarkets.

Most of our beers are tasted and selected  for quality and flavour.  Chris , our self-nominated resident beer taster, has a hard job of trying new beers almost every day… oh dear… poor him.

Unfortunately, we are unable to update our stock on the web site regularly since we change our beer selection on frequent basis.  So please call us if you are looking for a particular beer. If we don’t have the beer you are after, we will offer you other beers to love.

If you’re planning a visit, then be prepared to enjoy  moments of bliss…open up a bottle beer, cider or wine…sit in our charming little patio garden and watch the world go by! Delicious nibbles are available with your drink, if you twist Shrila’s arm to fry them for you… including our legendary vegetarian Samosas.

And that’s not all… if you have not yet tried our monthly Supper Club, you’re missing an amazing evening out!  Expect an evening of beers matched with an Indian vegetarian food consisting of incredible textures and unusual flavours (No… NOT curry),  in our very friendly atmosphere. Do come hungry, there is always plenty to eat and drink. Trust me, you will NOT miss meat! Check out our Event section for details.

View details here, contact us on 020 7610 6795 or info@drinkoffulham.com, or send a request via the form below:

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Why a beer boutique? Far from being a typical beer shop, DR.iNK of Fulham is a whole new concept. With its blue quartz bar counter and airy, urban styling, it is devoted to satisfying foodie cravings too. Whilst browsing and debating the merits of award-winning beers and little known microbrews, you can nibble on warm, melt in your mouth snacks. On Saturdays you can buy freshly made, healthy Gujarati Farsan vegetarian delicacies, and throughout the week there are authentic bases for making curries at home. They are assembled with freshly ground ingredients from the brightly coloured, brimming spice pots in front of you, whilst you choose your beers – or wine or artisan ciders, as you please.

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